Builders. Scavengers. Inventors. Tinkerers. We make, modify and repair machines from the random detritus of this ruined post-industrial world. We are Chaos Engineers.


One goal: survival in this wasteland, by our wits and our machines, at any cost... preferably involving fast vehicles, hot torches, and loud noises.


Our members share tips, techniques, equipment, materials, advice, the thrill of creation, and camaraderie at any of our private locations nationwide.


Chaos Engineering Camp, WW 2013

Working in the camp, 2014

The bike lot in front of CE camp, 2013

Remember that day, when we helped build a crane?

And the times before that when we helped build a steel wall and gates?

And a stage?

ALWAYS pay your Chaos Engineering bill.

"Holyshit, Apocalypse Recreational Vehicle!" (HARV) WW2011

Happy Chaos Engineer (vehicle credit our friends at Wasteland Garage / Phoenix Auto)

Chaos Engineering "unexpected Wasteland axle swap" services, WW2012 (vehicle by Adam Chilson)

Chaos Engineering founders, WW2010


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